Linda's Book "Her Rainbow World" reviewed by Gothic Beauty Magazine

The book reads as an intimate interview with Linda as she takes us on a journey describing how she went from being a corporate career minded, “money-driven maniac,” to letting it all go to discover her true self as a painter.


It's an inspiring book showcasing her lively and colorful portraits and prints of her family of fairies, and also a story of Linda's courage to take that jump and risk everything to be herself. This book gives not only insight to how she has gotten to where she is today as an artist, but also insight to her fairies. While most depictions of fairies are whimsical and a little mischievous, but fictional in most senses, Linda creates these creatures as representations of the many different facets of herself, her personality, and her own personal... Read more...

Linda Featured in Urbanite Baltimore Magazine

Linda Biggs paints fairies and other fanciful creatures from her log home in the forests of northern Maryland. Her latest series is ‘Little Fairie Freaks.’


"I began painting in watercolors full time in 1999. In the beginning it was simple, pretty characters. Through the years it has evolved as a timeline of my life and what is important to me as a person. Not long after launching my newfound career, customers were sharing real-life stories of how my art helped help them through a crisis or hard time. Those stories blew me away.


"As I continued, my journey has has taken the colorful path of my personal ups and downs. People seem to relate." Read more...

Linda Biggs Channel 13 Interview 1-03-08

Linda Biggs, international fairy artist, is interviewed by Marty Bass on Channel 13 in Baltimore MD. USA.

Linda Biggs Channel 13 Interview 11-12-08

Linda Biggs, international fairy artist, is interviewed by Marty Bass on Channel 13 in Baltimore MD. USA.

Linda Biggs London Trip July 2006

Truly, the most magical of meetings. David, Myrea and I met in Swindon, England July 2006. We had a supper time dining and laughing all night. I even got to preview one of Myrea’s new pieces of Art. It was so awesome!

Left: Linda with David Riche

Right: Linda with Myrea Pettit

New Book About Linda Creating Her Fantasy World

My Walk with Linda Biggs (Adapted from the text)

So leaning forward in my chair I asked her, "What might you paint twenty years from now?” She sat back and thought, pulling the strands of brown hair from the side of her face. “I guess I’ll continue to explore the emotions and expressions of my fairies. I have some ideas…” She smiled, saying this in a you-just-wait sort of way that I must admit, made me pause and take a breath.


Where, I thought, would this artist -- who can throw me off balance with a single uninhibited glance or word-- take her art next? And how wonderful it must be for her to anticipate this ever deepening exploration of her own soul. Most of us don't have a relationship like that with ourselves. We're told what to think and do, as with the expectations of family or career life. We're never faced with having to divide our day by what we'd like to do and what we must do. And when we're given any freedom at all...we go wildly astray.


You'll see as this book moves along that Linda and I also fall off and go wildly astray. No regrets though, just pure conversational indulgence...


Emerson John Probst

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